Tire Rotation

How long has it been since your last tire rotation? Chances are you’re like most people and you’re overdue for a rotation. Bring your vehicle into Peoria Plaza Tire in Peoria, IL today for your next tire rotation. We have a full staff of expert techs who are ready to provide you with outstanding customer service and fast tire rotations you can count on. Make an appointment online, give us a call at (309) 673-8261, or drop by the shop on SW Washington St today!

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Tire rotation or rotating tires is the practice of moving automobile wheels and tires from one position on the car to another, to ensure even tire wear. Tire wear becomes uneven for any number of reasons. Even tire wear is necessary to maintain consistent performance in the vehicle and to extend the overall life of a set of tires. Uneven tire wear could lead to poor fuel mileage as well.

What Does Our Tire Rotation Include?

  •  Tires are rotated in alternating patterns
  •  Examine the overall quality and safety of tires
  •  Examine tire tread
  •  Inspect for effective inflation
  •  Tighten up lug nuts

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

While there is no set amount of time or mileage you should have your tires rotated there are some ways to tell when you're due. First is uneven tire wear. If you see that one tire is more worn than the other that's a sign it's time. The other two signs you need a tire rotation are a vibration in the steering wheel and a loss of pressure in one tire. Bring your vehicle in for a quick inspection today and we’ll let you know if you’re due.

Fast Tire Rotations in Peoria, IL

If you notice uneven tire wear, ask about a tire rotation during your next oil change. Here at Peoria Plaza Tire we look forward to helping you extend the life of your tires, maintain driving performance, and increase fuel economy with regular tire rotations. Make an appointment online or drop by the shop today!

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